Tell UPS: Drop ALEC!

David Abney, CEO, UPS

For decades, ALEC, the American Legislative Exchange Council, has successfully – albeit secretively – pushed a powerful Big Business agenda by promoting copycat state legislation essentially written by corporations. ALEC finally attracted major criticism for advancing anti-democratic voter ID laws, anti-union right-to-work laws and – most infamously – pro-violence "stand your ground" laws. Since 2011, ALEC-affiliated state legislators have enacted 11 laws to weaken or repeal the minimum wage!

Given the widespread outrage over ALEC’s terrible political agenda, companies like Coca-Cola, Kraft, Google, Wells Fargo – and even Walmart – ended their “pay to play” membership in the organization over the past few years. 

It’s easy to see why UPS employees don’t want their company to be part of this radical organization. Will you support them?

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To: David Abney, CEO, UPS
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UPS must leave ALEC and their extremist agenda behind. Please do the right thing for your employees and customers by ending your company's membership in ALEC.