Tell Volkswagen: It’s time to stop your war on workers!

Volkswagen Management

Working people at the Volkswagen plant in Tennessee have been fighting for years for a union. Nearly every other Volkswagen worker around the globe already has a union. But in Tennessee, management has waged an all-out war to stop these workers—refusing to negotiate, hiring high-priced union-busting lawyers and trying to block a vote.

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Washington, DC

To: Volkswagen Management
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We are Volkswagen owners, environmental activists, workers’ rights supporters and union members. We see the hypocrisy of your company’s stated support for human rights and the disrespectful campaign you are running to stop workers at the Volkswagen Chattanooga plant in Tennessee from exercising their freedom to form a union.

We will not let you treat working people in the United States worse than workers at Volkswagen factories throughout the world. You are disgracing the values that we hold dear as Americans. Just as you came to terms with the diesel emissions scandal, in which Volkswagen violated the Clean Air Act we call on you to be accountable to the rights of workers in America and across the globe.