Tell Washington: Don't Take Away Our Work at AT&T

Members of Congress

AT&T employees like us work hard to build and maintain telecommunications infrastructure across the south, but the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) wants to give some of our work to contractors, risking public safety and threatening good jobs.

The FCC is considering adopting extreme “One Touch, Make Ready” proposals that would allow contractors, rather than trained, skilled career employees at AT&T to move equipment on utility poles with no accountability. That’s our work - and has been for 70 years.

“One Touch, Make Ready” could lead to dangerous conditions, such as ungrounded wires and heavy terminals hanging without adequate support. It also threatens good jobs for thousands of workers like us across the country and violates the agreements we have bargained with the company.

Sign the petition urging your representatives in Washington to protect our work and demand the FCC reject policies that put public and worker safety at risk.

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Urge the FCC to reject “One Touch, Make Ready” proposals that would put public safety at risk while threatening thousands of good jobs.