Tell your senator to tackle the housing & climate crisis by building more homes

Your California state senator

Add your name today and tell your state senator that you support SB 50 as a common sense solution to tackling our housing crisis.

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To: Your California state senator
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Dear {{Senator name}},

As a voter in {{Zipcode}}, I am asking you to vote YES on SB 50, the More HOMES Act.

SB 50 removes zoning restrictions in single-home neighborhoods and makes it possible to build multi-family homes and apartment buildings near important jobs and transit centers in our cities.

SB 50 also protects existing renters from displacement and sensitive communities.

Finally, by building homes near jobs and transit, SB 50 will reduce the time Californians are forced to spend commuting.

For our climate, for our children, and for our state’s future -- I urge you to vote YES on SB 50.


{{First Name}} {{Zipcode}}