Tell Your Senators—Working Without the PRO Act is SCARY!!

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It’s nearly Halloween and do you want to hear something truly spooky? Bad bosses are getting away with using the threat of firing and pay cuts to prevent tens of millions of workers across the country from speaking out about unsafe or discriminatory working conditions.

We’ve long known that our current system is rigged against working people and is used every single day to frighten and silence us. It prevents workers from coming together to use their collective voice to demand better pay, better working conditions, and the right to join together in union.

Yes, current U.S. labor law can be downright ghoulish, but we can do something about it.

The Protect the Right to Organize or PRO Act has been sitting in the Senate and is still awaiting a vote. We can’t let our senators ghost us and leave us with a bag of tricks this Halloween.

The PRO Act could be the biggest overhaul to U.S. labor law in generations – if passed, it would finally update the rules that remain rigged against working people.

Now THAT would be a treat.

The PRO Act would hold employers accountable for retaliating against workers for attempting to organize a union or against those who speak out on working conditions, pay, or other issues. What’s more, PRO would levy penalties against companies who misclassify workers.

If passed into law, the PRO Act will empower working people and gives them additional tools to organize for a better and fair return on their work. Yet, the Senate continues to sit on the bill.

Today, we gather together in the shadow of our nation’s Capitol and we call on the Senate to pass the PRO Act before the bill turns into a pumpkin.

Sign the petition NOW and tell the Senate that it’s time to put working people first—PASS THE PRO ACT!

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For too long, working people have dealt with woefully outdated labor laws that leave us at risk on-the-job. When we ask for a decent return on our work, or look to organize a union, our bosses retaliate.


The PRO Act would FINALLY provide us, the working people of this country, with the tools we need to advocate for higher wages, the freedom to organize in unions without fear of retaliation, and build a safe and healthy workplaces for all.

All of this is possible with the PRO Act.

It’s past time to act. It’s time to pass the PRO Act.