Thank Governor Walz for his leadership on COVID-19!

Governor Tim Walz

Stand with Governor Walz!

During this challenging and unprecedented time for our state and nation, we’re grateful for Gov. Walz’s decisive actions to protect the health and well-being of AFSCME members and all Minnesotans.

Despite broad bipartisan agreement and the recommendations of experts, out-of-state actors and corporate interests are pressuring Gov. Walz to reject science and endanger thousands of lives by lifting the Stay at Home order too early.

Sign our petition to let Gov. Walz know that you support his leadership through this global pandemic.

Now, more than ever, we must stand together and protect our most vulnerable neighbors and the front-line workers who serve them.

Thank you, Gov. Walz, for your leadership!

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South Saint Paul, MN

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Governor Walz,

Thank you for your leadership in these challenging and unprecedented times. We support your science-based, common-sense approach to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Thank you!