Thank You President Obama

President Barack Obama


Hi, I’m Luis Chiliquinga, and I’m a federal contract worker at a fast food outlet in the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum in Washington, DC. (That's me next to President Obama in the picture above).

This Labor Day, please sign my “Thank You” card to President Obama for using his executive power to lift low-wage workers out of poverty!  

I’ve gone on strike 18 times at the US Capitol, Pentagon Smithsonian Museums and other national landmarks because I’m grandfather who can’t afford to retire.

The truth is that I’m not alone.   The US Government is America’s #1 low-wage job creator, funding more poverty jobs than Wal-Mart and McDonald’s combined.

When our gridlocked Congress failed to help us, the President led by example and used the power of the pen to improve working conditions not just once, not twice, but 3 times …

First, President Obama signed an Executive Order raising the wages for federal contract workers to $10.10.

Then, President Obama signed another Executive Order, this time guaranteeing paid sick leave for millions of federal workers across the country.

Now, on the eve of President Obama’s last Labor Day in the White House, he’s issued new rules to make sure the US government won’t do business with companies that steal worker wages or break labor laws.

As a result of the President’s leadership, tens of millions of America’s workers like me are starting to see change.  

Join us in saying “Thank You, President Obama!” for being a true champion for workers!

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To: President Barack Obama
From: [Your Name]

Dear President Obama:

Thank you for using the power of your pen to help federal contract workers. Your actions raising wages, preventing wage theft and other labor law violations and providing sick days for workers under federal contracts have set an example for the private sector and the next President to follow.

Because you took action in the face of Congressional gridlock, millions of workers are now closer to providing for their families, being able to take care of them and exercising their rights without fear of retaliation.

Thank you for your leadership. Working Americans are better off because you took action.