The Clean Water Act Depends on You

US Environmental Protection Agency


The EPA is proposing to gut clean water protections.

For nearly 50 years, the Clean Water Act has provided essential protections to streams, rivers, and wetlands—and given state and local governments tools to keep our water clean. Politicians in Washington, DC, just proposed to gut the Clean Water Act, stripping away longstanding protections for streams, wetlands, and smaller waterways that feed drinking water sources for millions of people in the South.  

This proposal would eliminate crucial protections for many of our nation’s streams—critical to the South’s special natural resources, as well as a $130 billion tourism industry. Without these clean water protections, industrial operations, sewage treatment facilities, and other polluters may be able to directly dump into these waterways without any public notice, threatening drinking water supplies and harming families and communities.

That’s why elected officials from both parties are working tirelessly to protect waters in the Southeast — but they need help, and time is running out.  

Please take a moment to send comments through the form on the right. We’re letting Washington know that we’re NOT ok with letting polluters contaminate the water our families, communities, and economies depend on. Visit our campaign website at if you need help with talking points to inform your comments. Our example is below, but this effort is most effective when everyone adds their own individual comments.

Thank you for everything you do to protect clean water in the Southeast.

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Water protections are critical not only to protect the habitat of wildlife and recreational uses, but to provide clean water for drinking, farming, and economic development. Stop the proposed gutting of the Waters of the United States rule, and protect our waters from the polluters who threaten them.