The DC Council’s Committee on the Judiciary and Public Safety promised to fund the investigation into MPD's response to J20 but we need to push them to do it! Sign our petition and support J20 arrestees

Dear Councilmember Allen

On April 12, 2017, at the DC Council's Committee on the Judiciary and Public Safety's Budget Oversight Hearing, Councilmember Charles Allen promised that he would acquire the funds needed to begin an independent investigation into the Metropolitan Police Department's (MPD) handling of First Amendment activity on inauguration weekend and specifically, related to MPD's responses to January 20, 2017 protests. Other councilmembers, such as Councilmember Grosso, have voiced their support for an independent investigation. We need to continue to build public support and political pressure to get the ball rolling on an independent investigation. It is imperative that MPD be held accountable for their actions. Sign this petition to demand that the DC Council act now!

Petition by
DC Legal Posse
Washington, District of Columbia

To: Dear Councilmember Allen
From: [Your Name]

As you know, the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD), under the leadership of Peter Newsham, brutalized and mass arrested 230 people on Inauguration Day. Journalists, legal observers and bystanders alike were arrested and charged with felony rioting, a serious life-changing charge. These arrests happened without sufficient probable cause, as the Office of Police Complaints (OPC) reports. Now, over 200 people continue to face these trumped-up charges. As a result of these arrests and charges, people have lost jobs, been put on administrative leave from their jobs as school teachers and nurses, and have had their professional licenses put in jeopardy. Subsequently, MPD has violently raided activists' homes in DC. We are asking that you follow through on your commitment to follow the recommendations of the OPC and call for, fund and begin the process of initiating an independent investigation into police actions on January 20, 2017 immediately.

The actions of MPD on January 20th threaten to chill dissent nationwide as activists across the country are increasingly being met with serious felony and rioting charges. Additionally, activists across the country have been battling legislation that would further criminalize dissent The illegal mass arrest that occurred in DC on January 20th has set the tone for these attempts to silence activists. On the first day of an administration that has been incredibly intolerant of civil rights, MPD set an example of being hostile to First Amendment activity and this has been reverberated throughout the country. This is not the example we want set in the Nation's Capital. This needs to be counteracted with an immediate, independent investigation into the unlawful arrests and brutalization of hundreds of people.

We thank you for committing to initiating this investigation into police actions on inauguration weekend and we urge you to do so immediately.