The PA Legislature must pass pre-canvassing legislation!

Pennsylvania Legislature

We’re glad that during Tuesday’s election, officials were able to count votes quickly -- a far cry from November’s presidential election. But that’s not because our lawmakers took any action to help our counties -- it’s because of the low turnout, which won’t be around in every election.

We can’t rely on low turnout for timely results -- and we shouldn’t, because it’s better for Pennsylvanians when more people vote. Instead, our lawmakers need to pass a key reform that would allow for the “pre-canvassing” of ballots now.

Pre-canvassing legislation would take a lot of pressure off of election officials, by allowing them to start opening envelopes and flattening ballots before Election Day -- reducing the likelihood that we’ll have to wait days for election returns.

And, if lawmakers pass it with a curing provision, voters will also be able to fix simple mistakes on their ballot before it’s too late. That’s crucial -- a ballot shouldn’t be set aside just because you forgot to sign the envelope.

Tell the Pennsylvania Legislature to pass a bill allowing counties to begin processing ballots before Election Day -- absolutely crucial to set election officials up for success.

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Our election officials are why our democracy works, and their contributions in our recent elections have been invaluable. Now, it’s time to work for them, just like they’ve worked for us. You must pass legislation allowing counties to begin the “pre-canvassing process” -- or the process of opening envelopes and flattening mail-in and absentee ballots -- before Election Day.