Live Up To Your Values and Voluntarily Recognize Your Employee's Union

The Phillip Rush Center

Tell The Phillip Rush Center to re-instate James Parker Sheffield and voluntarily recognize the Rush Center’s worker's union.

The workers of the Phillip Rush Center formed a union with United Food and Commercial Workers Local 1996 in December of 2019.

These workers and their union have asked the board of the Phillip Rush Center to meet with their union and voluntarily recognize their union. Instead the lead organizer of this effort, James Parker Sheffield, was terminated on December 18th.

A long time community organizer, James believes that all workers in LGBTQ+ and Progressive spaces deserve respect and dignity at their work. This board’s decision reflects that while organizations like the Rush Center may fight for the rights of LGBTQ+ and other communities, this organization does not recognize that those rights extend to the workplace.

Petition by
Valerie Barnhart
Atlanta, Georgia

To: The Phillip Rush Center
From: [Your Name]

Every worker has the right to union representation in the workplace. I support these rights for every worker, and I support the workers of the Phillip Rush Center in the organizing of their union. I hope that this board will voluntarily recognize the union of the staff of the Phillip Rush Center with United Food and Commercial Workers Local 1996.

Considering the role that the Phillip Rush Center holds, it would be very concerning to see a lack of recognition of worker’s rights. Moreover, it would be distressing to see these workers face retaliation for union organizing. I hope this Board will choose not to engage in these tactics and move forward by voluntarily recognizing the staff’s union. Reinstate James Parker Sheffield immediately.