THE SCIENCE COULDN’T BE CLEARER -- We MUST #ACTNow for a liveable climate!

President Biden, his Cabinet, and every member of Congress

The science on climate change is undebatable. Temperatures are rising fast; scientists are predicting that the worst wildfire and hurricane seasons on record are just around the corner, which will hit environmental justice communities hardest and cause billions in damage. In order to avoid the worst long-term consequences of the climate crisis, we need immediate and real reductions in carbon pollution NOW, and an aggressive plan to cut fossil fuel dependency completely over the next 10 years -- otherwise, this summer may just be a preview of the disasters to come.

We know what a transition to clean energy will take: we need to stop using oil and coal and go big on clean energy; it’s clear what the public thinks -- 71% of the public supports making the investments in climate, justice, and jobs that President Biden promised. But climate deniers and obstructionist members of Congress are slowing things to a crawl. Meanwhile, fossil fuel interests are working hard to prevent members of Congress from swing districts from supporting the strong policies we need.

We the undersigned demand that President Biden and his Cabinet; Speaker Pelosi, Majority Leader Schumer, and their leadership teams; and all of our members of Congress #ACTNow!

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To: President Biden, his Cabinet, and every member of Congress
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It is urgent that Congress pass a bill that makes the big, bold, and ambitious investments needed to tackle the climate crisis, achieve true environmental justice, and accelerate the transition to clean energy. To meet this moment, to heed the science, and to make good on President Biden’s promises, Congress must act now to deliver on climate, justice, and jobs.