This is a choice between saving millions of lives, and monopoly medicine.

President Biden

President Biden can take an important step to help end this global COVID-19 pandemic, a step that would help less wealthy countries produce many more vaccines for the rest of the world so fewer people will die from COVID-19.

There is a proposal at the World Trade Organization (WTO) to grant a waiver from Big Pharma’s monopoly patents for vaccines against COVID-19. Right now, the United States and other wealthier countries are blocking this waiver. That should stop, now.

If the Biden administration were to switch its position on the waiver, it would set a powerful example for other nations. The president has a choice: save millions of lives around the world and protect us all against dangerous new variants or support Big Pharma’s monopoly medicine.

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Monopoly medicine means that millions of additional people will die. Letting the virus rage in less wealthy countries also increases the risk of harmful new variants. Support the World Trade Organization (WTO) vaccine waiver that will allow lower- and middle-income countries to manufacture the vaccines they need to end this pandemic.