Times Up for Strip Clubs

MPs, Local Councils, the Government

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London, United Kingdom

To: MPs, Local Councils, the Government
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Strip Clubs are simply 'shop fronts' for organised crime, they cannot be regulated, women cannot be protected and they perpetuate deeply harmful 'President Club' attitudes.

Recent independent investigations show men are buying foreplay in Manchester's Strip Clubs and women having sex with each other at Sheffield's. Sexual contact is standard even in the 'best regulated clubs' in the country - like the Spearmint Rhino chain.

This simply confirms what has already been recorded in police, trading standards, council and other reports over years in over 1/2 the UK strip industry. Harassment and even assault is the norm. As are drugs and dealing. Pimps tout outside whilst Home Office and other reports show lap dancing directly leads women into prostitution. The entire industry is nothing more than a feeder for local brothels and all the associated crime and exploitation that entails.

This is happening despite 'stringent regulation' by Councils including 'secret' spot checks, banks of CCTV cameras and even 'panic buttons'. Despite statements from everyone in the industry that 'it is a happy family', 'a safe environment' and 'the rules are never broken'. The industry cannot be controlled and needs to end.

I call on:

1. Local Councils:
Stop licensing your strip clubs. This can be easily done on the grounds of unfit location - and clubs have no legal grounds to challenge this. Provide exit support to the women working in them - women whose exploitation you are directly responsible for.

Introduce a zero policy to end the strip trade.

By licensing this industry you are breaching equality law, putting you at risk of High Court challenge - as already successfully undertaken, twice, against Sheffield City Council

2. MPs:
Push for law change to end the strip trade, as already enacted in Iceland and Israel.

3. The Home Office:
Issue new guidance immediately advising Councils to stop licensing the industry and support lap dancers out. This is because It cannot be regulated, is linked to high levels of abuse of women inside and out and feeds 'Harvey Weinstein' attitudes - making a mockery of saying 'Times Up' to the routine harassment, abuse and assault of women in wider society.

Longer term, legislation is required to finally say 'Times Up' and end the abusive strip trade.