To The DNC: Reverse Your Decision on a Climate Debate!

DNC Chair Tom Perez, DNC Executive Committee and Staff

The Democratic National Committee announced on June 5th, 2019 that they would not hold a climate debate, much to the disappointment of the Democratic 2020 POTUS Candidates and their supporters. Denying Democrats a debate on climate is unacceptable, irresponsible and suppresses an opportunity to discuss as issue that affects the entire planet. The number one issue among Democrats is climate change, and once again the DNC turns a deaf ear to the wishes of it voters. They do this even as studies show that we must achieve Zero Carbon emissions by 2030 to have any chance of reversing the effects of climate change. Please sign our petition and the letter below will be sent to DNC misleaders.

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To: DNC Chair Tom Perez, DNC Executive Committee and Staff
From: Nebraska Grassroots Progressives

I am extremely disappointed the DNC has decided to refuse our Democratic candidates a chance to debate climate change. We deserve to hear from Democratic presidential candidates about how they will take action to address our global climate crisis. The future of our planet depends on it. I call on the DNC to REVERSE your decision on the climate debate!