Transit Workers Demand Federal Lawmakers Take Action

Bill Morneau, Minister of Finance


Now more than ever, the Canadian public understands that public transit is a critical service.

Eight out of ten Canadians support a federal emergency funding for public transit according to our opinion poll.

With the help of people like you, public transit is on the federal agenda like never before.

We need thousands of Canadian transit workers to stand together to urge the federal government to fund public transit operations

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Canadians rely on transit workers everyday to move essential workers and people on essential trips.

Public transit is an anchor of the national economy and every $1 of investment in public transit means $4 of economic growth in our communities.​

A full 91% of Canadians believe it's the government's responsibility to provide access to safe, reliable and affordable transit in Canada.

We, Canadian transit workers, urge the federal government to provide $5 billion in annual funding for transit operations.