Turn FERC into FREC, The Federal Renewable Energy Commission

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, and our elected officials

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On February 20th, at the next monthly meeting of the FERC commissioners, Beyond Extreme Energy and many other groups will be making our presence felt. We will let those who are making FERC an even worse agency--FERC Chair Neil Chatterjee (former Mitch McConnell aide) and commissioner Bernard McNamee (lifetime fossil fuel industry booster)--know what we think about what they have been doing!

What are these two commissioners responsible for?

  • Last year they voted to approve 11—ELEVEN!—“liquefied natural gas (LNG) projects and related facilities to export natural gas,” as proudly reported on the FERC website.
  • In December, by a 2-1 vote, the FERC commissioners decided that new, non-fossil fuel sources of energy that receive state subsidies, like the sun and wind, would be penalized and forced to pay more to access the PJM electrical grid that serves 13 states and DC.
  • They always vote to continue FERC’s decades-long policy of rubber-stamp approvals for every gas industry expansion permit.
  • The odds are high that they will support Trump’s recently-announced proposal to weaken currently required environmental and climate reviews via the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA).

That is why BXE and 220 other organizations are campaigning for FERC to be replaced by FREC, a new Federal Renewable Energy Commission. Our communities, our air and water, our climate can’t take anymore of FERC! Sign here if you agree!

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To: The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, and our elected officials
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I support the call for FERC, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, to be replaced by FREC, the Federal Renewable Energy Commission. FERC is hopelessly intertwined with the fossil fuel industry. FERC permits climate crimes. FREC would sustain communities and the earth. It’s time for FERC Into FREC!