UC: Use Your Funds To Protect Workers, Students, and Patients

Regents of the University of California, UC Office of the President, and UC Chancellors and CEOs

University Professional and Technical Employees' members, officers,
and activists stand together to demand that the University of
California prioritize safety, security, and respect as it moves to
reopen campuses in the Fall. We know from experience that we must
force the university not to use this global pandemic to cut jobs,
erode worker safety protections, or weaken worker contributions to the
people of California.

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To: Regents of the University of California, UC Office of the President, and UC Chancellors and CEOs
From: [Your Name]

The University of California has a record-setting $140-billion in investments and reserves, far more than is necessary to see us through the COVID-19 pandemic to a safe recovery. However, in the past year we saw pay cuts and layoffs for thousands of employees at a time when students, patients, and research need us most. We can not afford to repeat these mistakes. That’s why UPTE is calling for safety, security, and respect for all members of our UC community.


• We deserve a safe place to work, with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) fully stocked to CDC and Cal/OSHA standards.

• COVID vaccination must be made available to all who work on-site, and no worker should be forced to return without the opportunity to obtain a vaccine.

• UC must be open and transparent about COVID cases discovered in the workplace and notify employees of contact according to state law.


• UC must use its discretionary funds to keep operations running and pledge to have no COVID-related layoffs.

• No cuts or increased costs for healthcare during the pandemic.

• All UC staff, with or without a union contract, should receive their cost of living raises this year.


• UPTE staff play vital roles in patient care, medical research, and support for the entire UC system. We have labored on the front lines throughout this crisis, and our contributions should be recognized by removing barriers to career advancement at UC.

• In a time when lack of health insurance and insecure employment is a greater threat than we have ever seen, UC must end its push to make ever more work temporary and part-time, and should increase funding to departments to hire more permanent staff who can dedicate their careers to the University’s mission.

We, the undersigned members of the larger University community, are calling on you to use the enormous resources available to make our UC system a safe haven for students, patients, and staff through the COVID-19 crisis and recovery.