University of California: Systems Administrators deserve a fair agreement

University of California Office of the President, The UC Board of Regents, UC Chancellors and CEOs

Fellow System Administrators,

We take pride in serving our community and contributing to the mission of the University of California system.

Since 2017, UC has denied us fair raises and equitable increases in pay consistent with the UPTE contract. As system administrators, our departments depend on us to keep the information systems operational so that they can instruct the doctors, architects, programmers, and leaders of tomorrow. When the pandemic caused campus to go remote, they turned to us for innovative solutions to that challenge. We are proud of our work to ensure that UC's mission continued during a moment of crisis. However, we don't feel valued when the University doesn't compensate us fairly so that we can support ourselves and our families.

Many of us walked the picket line to help win the current TX contract. As SysAds, we demand to be paid our fair share and want back pay on all the raises we were denied from 2017 on!

Tell UC that we are worth it and demand 24.5% back pay for all of the missed raises and equity increases they chose not to give us.

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To: University of California Office of the President, The UC Board of Regents, UC Chancellors and CEOs
From: [Your Name]

Since 2017, when Systems Administrators at the University of California were granted collective bargaining recognition by the Public Employment Relations Board under UPTE's Technical (TX) Unit, we have worked without the guaranteed raises or benefits accorded our fellow TX members.

We, the undersigned Systems Administrators, call on UC leadership to agree to fair terms of inclusion into the TX contract, including:

• 24.5% raises for the accumulated wage increases that have been withheld since PERB's 2017 ruling
• Joining the 2013 modified tier of the UC Retirement Plan
• Shift differential pay and guaranteed telecommuting options