Urge Governor DeWine To End Executions In Ohio!

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine

On September 10, 2021, Ohio Governor Mike DeWine kicked the can down the road yet again by pushing back execution dates and saying he is doing so because Ohio doesn't have a mechanism to carry out the law. It's time for Governor DeWine to lead Ohio to repeal its death penalty once and for all! Sign this petition urging Governor Mike DeWine to lead the effort to end Ohio's death penalty.


In 2014 the Supreme Court Joint Task Force on the Administration of Ohio's Death Penalty made 56 recommendations to increase the accuracy and fairness in the capital punishment system. To-date, neither the report as a whole nor the most substantive of these reform recommendations have been considered by the Ohio General Assembly. Now executions are on hold again as the state finds itself without a mechanism to carry out executions, and no wherewithal to either adopt a new lethal injection protocol or revert to a more archaic method of killing prisoners.

Governor DeWine took office in 2019 with 24 executions already scheduled, and not one has taken place. Now there are 29 scheduled executions. Governor DeWine can lead on this issue by telling the Ohio General Assembly to pass Senate Bill 103 and House Bill 183, legislation to repeal Ohio's death penalty.

Click here to learn more about Ohio's death penalty and the Task Force recommendations.

NOTE: This petition language may be adjusted to address changing situations and leadership in the Ohio executive office or general assembly.

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To: Ohio Governor Mike DeWine
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We applaud you for standing your ground and not allowing a resumption of executions in Ohio. We urge you to lead Ohio into a new era by working with the Ohio General Assembly to end Ohio's death penalty once and for all.

Governor, we believe Ohio's death penalty is broken beyond repair. When it comes to capital punishment in Ohio, it is on you to fix it or end it. We urge you to end it by endorsing Senate Bill 103 and House Bill 183, legislation to repeal Ohio's death penalty.

We recognize that you cannot abolish the death penalty by yourself. We urge you to declare your support for these bills, and to work to help pass them before the holiday recess in 2021.

Thank you,