Urge Jennifer Lopez to Boycott Qatar Airways

Jennifer Lopez


On May 17th, world renowned recording artist, Jennifer Lopez, is scheduled to perform at an illustrious gala celebrating the partnership between Qatar Airways and the city of Atlanta, at the Fox theatre.  Qatar Airways owned by the State of Qatar, is slated to being daily, non-stop service beginning this June.

The State of Qatar, owner of Qatar Airways, is one of the worst countries in the work for human trafficking and slavery.

We urge Ms. Lopez to reconsider her concert in support of Qatar Airways and ask her to denounce human rights violations by the State of Qatar.

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To: Jennifer Lopez
From: [Your Name]

Ms. Lopez,
We ask you to reconsider your concert in support of Qatar Airways and ask you to join us and allied human rights groups in denouncing thehuman rights violations committed by the State of Qatar.