Tell the CFPB: Stop Fine Print Traps and Rein in Forced Arbitration.

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

More and more evidence has come to light that fine print traps like forced arbitration clauses in consumer terms and conditions are unfair.

They give lawbreakers corporate immunity by stripping consumers of their right to make meaningful choices about how to hold corporations accountable when people are harmed.

In other words, these fine print traps strip consumers of the constitutional right to seek accountability and they insulate big corporations from accountability by sending all claims into the rigged forced arbitration system.

Most people don’t even know they have agreed to these fine print traps because corporations stick the clauses into lengthy take-it-or-leave-it boilerplate terms and conditions that consumers must agree to simply to access even basic financial services.

And while consumers have little choice over the terms and conditions in the first place, even if they did have a choice, most consumers have no idea these forced arbitration clauses strip them of their rights to choose how to proceed when they are hurt or defrauded by a financial institution. Opening a simple checking account or using a credit card shouldn’t give consumers this much trouble down the road.

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) has the power to rein in or even completely ban forced arbitration in consumer contracts.

Add your name now to urge the CFPB to act.

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Consumers should be able to choose to go to court when a dispute arises with a financial services provider. But those financial institutions use forced arbitration clauses that take away choice and shield themselves from public accountability.

Please issue a rule to restore choice and to protect consumers from forced arbitration.