Petition: No Attacks On Syria - Stop Endless War!

US Congress

Co-sponsored by: AFSC Peace and Economic Security Program, Catholic Conference of Superiors of Men Religious, Code Pink, Military Families Speak Out, Out of Syria - Boston, People Demanding Action, September 11th Families for Peaceful Tomorrows, United for Peace & Justice, US Peace Council, Veterans For Peace, & Western States Legal Foundation.

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The White House’s recent “warning” that Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad is preparing “another chemical-weapons attack” evokes memories of the US making unverified claims to justify unlawful wars elsewhere in the region. Some believe that the Trump administration may be looking to launch another attack to distract from the controversy surrounding its myriad of scandals, disastrous policies, and record-low approval ratings.

We must increase our action to stop our government from expanding its endless wars.

  1. The US has no justification to launch a military attack against Syria under either US or international law. The Chemical Weapons Convention and the United Nations Charter provide lawful procedures and means for investigating and responding to alleged violations of international law, which should be followed.

  2. There are serious questions as to whether the Trump Administration launched an airstrike on a Syrian airfield in early April 2017 under false pretenses. Reports citing US military and intelligence officials say that Donald Trump knew there was no credible evidence of al-Assad using sarin gas against his own people, and he authorized a US attack on Syria with 59 cruise missiles, despite being presented with this intelligence. Some officials "were especially distressed by the president's determination to ignore the evidence."

  3. Military intervention by foreign governments has only intensified a humanitarian disaster for the people of Syria, while doing nothing to stop terrorism or make Syrians safer. According to estimates by humanitarian organizations, between 321,358 and 451,358 people have been killed in the Syrian conflict since 2011. Reports say that at least 95,891 of those murdered were civilians. Additionally, 11 million Syrians, almost half of Syria’s pre-war population, have been forced to seek safety and basic human needs elsewhere, having either fled the country or been internally displaced inside Syria.

  4. None of the Pentagon’s endless wars have solved the problem of terrorism; all of them have spawned new terror cells and groups increasing the scope and reach of terror attacks across the globe. The expulsion of ISIS from cities it has occupied does not mean the organization is defeated, only that it will return to acts of terrorism in other places. There are no military solutions to terrorism. The President’s ability to make war at will, without institutional or public oversight, has put us all at greater risk and threatened our shared security. With nuclear-armed militaries operating in close proximity in a region beset by several armed conflicts, it is essential that all parties have recourse to these lawful means of resolving disputes.

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We recognize that the war in Syria has many causes, many players and many challenges. We call upon the US. Congress to change US policy toward that war:

1. Recognize that there is no military solution to terrorism, and therefore stop widening the conflict in Syria and instead try to end it.

a.) End all bombing missions and aerial strikes. b.) Bring home our troops and special operations teams currently operating in SYRIA. c.) Stop providing financial, training, tactical support and weapons to all rebel groups and violent militants (Support H.R.608, the Stop Arming Terrorists Act). d.) Revoke the President’s ability to make war at will by repealing the post-9/11 Authorization of Use of Military Force (AUMF). Support efforts to repeal the 15 year old AUMF.

2. Provide increased humanitarian aid and help resettle more Syrian refugees in the United States.

3. Abide by international laws, treaties, diplomatic norms, and our own Constitution as a first step toward resolving current armed conflicts, including by implementing the War Powers Act prohibition on sending troops abroad.

4. Reverse current escalations of military action and instead work to deescalate and demilitarize current conflicts around the world. Take action to decrease global tensions, particularly between the U.S. and Russia, as both nations have substantial nuclear arsenals which threaten all life on our planet.