Tell Mayor Palmieri: Tenants need relief now!

Utica Mayor Rob Palmieri

Many Utica residents have been deeply impacted by Covid-19 and cannot afford to pay rent. It's been more than a month since the Utica Common Council urged Mayor Roberto Palmieri to use the city’s Emergency Solutions Grants (ESG) money for rent relief in Utica. The city received nearly $1.5 million in ESG funding in the federal CARES Act to avoid a spike in homelessness.

Governor Cuomo extended the statewide eviction moratorium and halted mortgage payments for some homeowners, but his failure to cancel rent means that millions of New Yorkers will have to come up with months of back rent before August. Landlords are already filing eviction motions, and Mayor Palmieri has yet to announce a plan to distribute the ESG money. No one should have to worry about being evicted or losing their home during a pandemic. Mayor Palmieri must act now to provide immediate financial assistance to those who need help paying rent.

To: Utica Mayor Rob Palmieri
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It's been more than a month since the Utica Common Council recommended that money from the federal CARES Act be used to help tenants who’ve lost work and cannot afford to pay rent. The city of Utica received money specifically for this reason. Many residents were rent-burdened before this crisis, and now they’re out of options. Mayor Roberto Palmieri must establish a plan for distributing the funds to avoid increasing Utica’s homeless population as we recover from the pandemic.