Vaccinate Missouri Teachers NOW!

Governor Mike Parson

Missouri teachers and school support staff are ESSENTIAL. But they're still waiting to be eligible for the COVID-19 vaccines - while teachers in neighboring states are already getting theirs.

The CDC recommended that teachers and child care workers be included in the same vaccine priority category as other essential workers like firefighters and police officers - but Missouri did not follow that recommendation. And now, Parson has created a new process to let businesses appeal - and get vaccines for their employees earlier.

If businesses can appeal, we can appeal - for our teachers.

Add your name to tell Governor Parson that teachers should be eligible for vaccines immediately - just like the CDC recommended.

UPDATE! We will deliver your signature to the governor as a paper heart! One heart will be cut out and signed with your name, by hand, by a volunteer. Then we'll deliver a box of our love for teachers, child care workers, and school support staff to the Governor! Let's make that box overflow with hearts!

To: Governor Mike Parson
From: [Your Name]

Missouri teachers and school support staff ARE essential workers, and we need to treat them like it! Our neighboring states are vaccinating their teachers, and the CDC recommended that they be vaccinated in the same category as firefighters and police officers. But instead of making them a priority, you're creating emergency rules to let businesses skip in line. Why?

Start treating teachers like the essential workers that they are.

Make teachers, school support staff, and child care workers eligible for the vaccine now.