We Are Barely Getting By. Stop the Cutbacks!

UC Board of Regents

Join other policy-covered staff telling UC decision-makers: no to lay-offs, no to pay cuts, and no to Furloughs! UC has options and there are better ways to address the budget issues resulting from the pandemic.

Our pay is 27 percent behind our peers at similar organizations. Merit pay raises have been frozen and past pay raises have not kept up with the cost of living. Our workload and hours have been increasing steadily and a majority of us report unmanageable workloads. All of these facts are backed up by a hard data in a recent report, Barely Getting By: Struggling To Make Ends Meet at the University of California.

These pay inequities have caused severe hardship. We are postponing important life decisions like having children or retiring; moving further and further away from our jobs, and too often can't pay our rent, health care or food. The uncertainty of being able to provide for ourselves and our families has resulted in high stress levels, exhaustion and depression.

We demand no lay-offs, furloughs or pay cuts!

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To: UC Board of Regents
From: Matthew McQuaid

Unrepresented administrative professionals at UCLA and UCSF have been working longer hours without the commiserate increase in pay for quite some time, which has caused real hardship for them. Staff members are postponing important life decisions such as having children or retiring; too often they struggle to pay for basic necessities like food or medicine, and many report high levels of stress as they struggle to make ends meet.
The University of California has cash reserves and other options that allow it to cover costs without pushing the burden of financial hardship onto its staff. We the undersigned call on UC decision-makers to forgo lay-offs, furloughs and/or pay cuts for UC administrative professionals as the university grapples with the economic downturn resulting from the pandemic.