Walmart: Workers Deserve a Seat at the Table


Retail and grocery workers are taking big risks right now to serve our communities. But Walmart is failing its 1.5 million workers. As the country faces shortages of protective gear, workers are going to work every day armed with nothing more than a vest, mask, and some plexiglass at the registers.

Thousands of Walmart workers have contracted COVID-19 and at least 21 have died.

Meanwhile, Walmart is making record profits while continuing to avoid responsibility and pay poverty wages.

Add your name to tell Walmart: give all workers hazard pay and set up a coronavirus task force that gives hourly employees a voice and seat on the corporate board.

Coronavirus Task Force

Walmart needs to make drastic changes to protect Walmart workers as well as the public. We are calling on Walmart to join together with hourly workers, United for Respect, health experts, and community and public policy leaders as part of an emergency COVID-19 Taskforce. Workers need to be part of coming up with solutions to this global pandemic.

Hazard Pay

It’s clear that retail jobs have gotten much more dangerous. Workers are taking a risk every day showing up to work to feed their families and serve our communities. We’re calling on Walmart to pay all workers at 1.5x the regular hourly wage for the duration of the pandemic. Walmart’s profits are through the roof and workers deserve to share in the wealth.

To: Walmart
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We are calling on Walmart to immediately provide hazard pay and that corporate executives and board members begin to work together with frontline, hourly workers to form a task force to protect the health and safety of workers, customers, and the public.