We need an Education Task Force comprised of educators!

Commissioner Richard Corcoran

The current members of the education subcommittee on reopening Florida is far too narrow.

That's why we are calling on Commissioner Corcoran to include public education staff, medical professionals and more diverse stakeholders to guide reopening of public schools, state colleges and universities

Join us by signing the petition to demand that public education staff - teachers, support staff,and administrators- and medical professionals have a seat at the table. Ask Commissioner of Education Richard Corcoran to adopt FEA's proposal for a task force that includes of educators, students and health professionals to take on the very important task of working to reopen Florida's public schools.

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To: Commissioner Richard Corcoran
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The safety and wellbeing of Florida's students and educators is of the utmost importance. Unfortunately, they have almost no representation on the education subcommittee for reopening Florida.

Please adopt the recommendation from the Florida Education Association to convene a task force that is truly representative of Florida's public school students and educators and includes health professionals as well. Doing so is the best way to ensure that all are comfortable and confident returning to school in the fall.