We need bold action on climate change

Governor Gavin Newsom

We are the first generation facing the impacts of climate change, and the last that can do something about it!

Volunteer or intern with CALPIRG and join us in calling on Gov. Newsom to speed up our transition to 100% clean, renewable energy!

This term CALPIRG at UCSC is also working to address textbook affordability, student Hunger, and accessibility to technology in the classroom.

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To: Governor Gavin Newsom
From: [Your Name]

​Dear Governor Newsom,

California just experienced one of the worst fire years on record. These wildfires are a wakeup call to the devastating effects of climate change on our environment, our health, and our safety.

One of the most important steps that we can take to stave off the worst impacts of the climate crisis is to transition to 100 percent clean, renewable electricity sources.

I urge you to accelerate California’s commitment to generating 100 percent of our electricity from clean sources like wind and solar power, to achieve our goal by 2030 instead of 2045. With this step, California can continue to lead the nation towards a clean energy future.