We stand with Preble Street Workers United

Preble Street


Workers at Preble Street in Portland, Lewiston, and Bangor have come together to have a collective voice on the job. By standing with their co-workers and forming a union, they are standing up not only for one another but also for the clients they serve each and every single day.

At the end of May, the Preble Street workers will vote to decide if they want to come together as a union, represented by the Maine State Employees Association - SEIU 1989.

We call on Management and the Board to remain neutral in the election. Please sign the petition to let Preble Street know you support these workers' right to decide if they chose to form a union.

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Augusta, ME

To: Preble Street
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We, the undersigned community members, stand in solidarity with the workers of Preble Street who are exercising their right to form a union.

We ask Preble Street management and Board of Directors to remain neutral in the matter and to allow the workers to vote in a fair election, free from any coercion, intimidation, or retaliation.