We Support Niles-Maine District Library Employees!

Niles-Maine District Library Board of Trustees

Tell the Niles-Maine District Library Board of Trustees that you do not support their proposed service and budget cuts to our library. These cuts are unnecessary and severe and will only hurt our community.

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Chicago, IL

To: Niles-Maine District Library Board of Trustees
From: [Your Name]

We are supporters of the Niles-Maine District Library and the valuable services to the community it provides. We are writing to express our strong opposition to the severe cuts proposed by the newly-elected Library Board, including:

• Cuts to library hours, programs, and outreach services—including school outreach and librarian visits, which will place the cost and burden of transportation onto schools.
• Slashing 11% of the overall budget, including more than $550,000 cuts to staff that will affect the lowest paid employees the most, while increasing the salary budget for managers.
• Additional freezes on spending and capital projects, including much needed roof repair.
• Devaluing library professionals by cutting from professional development, and cutting dues for the American Library Association, minor savings which will have a major impact on employees.
• Sharply increasing employees' portion of health insurance premiums, creating additional hardship for staff. Increasing the budget drastically for attorney fees and consultants instead of listening to employees.

Additionally, we understand that a majority of NMDL employees are seeking union representation through AFSCME Council 31. We support these employees’ right to have a voice at work and urge the Library Board to respect their decision, not waste further resources by delaying or interfering with this process, and to drop these frivolous objections to the union.

Our library is the heart of our community. We call on you to stop unnecessary cuts to vital services, respect library workers and fund our library!