We want 'Clean Air Everywhere' - in Reading!

To: Reading Borough Council

“Poor air quality is the largest environmental risk to public health in the UK … (there are) more severe effects on vulnerable groups, for example the elderly, children and people already suffering from pre-existing health conditions …” - Defra.

Estimated 50,000 deaths per year in UK, annual damage valued at £20 bn, lost productivity at £2.7 bn.

The Government says Reading is ‘not required to conduct a feasibility study’ to improve air quality although modelling predicts that Reading will barely meet the annual legal limit for NO2 by 2020.  

This is not good enough – measures are needed to reduce traffic emissions as Reading continues to grow. Even if the modelling is correct the legal limit for NO2 is not a ‘safe’ threshold and there are other pollutants such as micro-particles PM2.5 which are not routinely monitored in central Reading.

We aim to present this petition to the Strategic Environment and Transport (SEPT) Committee on 22nd November 2017. We want signatures from people in the Reading area with RG postcodes. Over 140 people have already signed the 'paper' version of this petition - if you want to collect more please contact us for a form.

To: To: Reading Borough Council
From: [Your Name]

“I call for a new air quality action plan to be put in place by 2018 with the necessary resources to cut all pollutant levels to below World Health Organisation guidelines by 2020.”