We've got #EyesOnAmazon's Police Surveillance


One year ago, the George Floyd uprisings prompted a slew of performative corporate “solidarity” statements and empty promises to Black communities—despite the harmful, racist impacts of their products and treatment of workers. Amazon joined this trend.

But Amazon’s anti-Black business model continues to grow every day: Over the last year, Amazon doubled down on its support for police and ICE, expanding the criminalization of brown and Black people. And, just over a month ago, Amazon spent millions to harass and intimidate Black workers in Bessemer, Alabama and stop them from organizing to end the surveillance that enforces a brutal and dangerous pace of work.

We just won a major victory by pressuring Amazon to temporarily stop selling face recognition to local police departments. But we can't stop until we’ve ended Amazon’s policing of Black communities, workers, and immigrants.

Sign the pledge and join us!

To: Amazon
From: [Your Name]

I am marking the one year anniversary of the George Floyd uprisings by pledging to oppose Amazon's policing of Black communities, workers and immigrants.

I am joining others to:

- Break Amazon's contracts with DHS/ICE and police that criminalize brown and Black people.

- Permanently ban facial recognition technology.

- End the worker surveillance that enforces dangerous conditions.

It's time to protect Black lives and end Amazon’s racist practices.