Tell Wells Fargo's CEO to respect workers’ right to organize a union

Charles Scharf, Wells Fargo CEO

Workers at Wells Fargo have begun organizing a union across the lines of business at the third largest bank in the United States, but CEO Charles Scharf has been dodgy about committing to not deploying the same union-busting tactics we’ve seen from places like Amazon, Starbucks, and Trader Joes.

At a Senate Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs hearing in 2021, he claimed Wells Fargo would “work with employees to be sure their voice is heard” when asked if he would remain neutral if employees wanted to organize.

VIDEO: Wells Fargo CEO dodging the question at last year’s hearing:

Unfortunately, we come to expect CEOs to aggressively oppose workers’ organizing efforts while giving lip service to workers’ organizing rights, so Scharf’s refusal to answer the question speaks volumes. That’s why we need your help to turn up the heat so he will respect the right of Wells Fargo workers to form a union.

If we reach our target, we will be presenting this petition before this year’s hearing on September 21, 2022. Please sign and help us spread the word.

To: Charles Scharf, Wells Fargo CEO
From: [Your Name]

We the undersigned are asking for your public pledge to remain neutral and refrain from union-busting tactics against Wells Fargo workers who decide to organize. When workers decide if they want union representation, it is their right to freely choose between a union or no union. It is not a choice between the union or Wells Fargo, and the opinion of company executives therefore has no place in the process.
As a wave of recent organizing has swept through the U.S., it is not workers who have created antagonistic work environments, but rather the decisions companies have made in their reaction to fight against their employees exercising their rights. This anti-union meddling is both harmful and unnecessary.
By contrast, when workers at Beneficial State Bank recently sought to organize, their bank agreed to stay neutral early in the process and was vocal about their support of their workers’ right to choose freely. Now they have successfully negotiated their first union contract that promotes a workplace of mutual respect.
In order for workers’ voices to be truly heard, Wells Fargo management must pledge to not interfere in any way with employees’ decision on whether to form a union. It is the workers’ choice alone to make, free from fear of intimidation, harassment, retaliation or interference.