Who will the NCGA take care of - kids or corporations?

North Carolina General Assembly


The NCGA has the opportunity to make a choice.

Will they provide adequate funding for public education?

Or will they continue to starve our schools while providing tax cuts for wealthy corporations?

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North Carolina’s educators and families are ready for action. We’re emboldened by the unity of educators and communities in Los Angeles and Chicago. We're inspired by the electoral wins of our neighbors in Virginia and Kentucky. Those victories were the result of years of sustained organizing and strategic action. Let’s take this next step together, for our students and for each other.  

Please take action to demand that the NCGA passes a budget that will meet the needs of our students, schools and communities.

Once you have signed this petition, we ask that you set a goal of getting 75% of your co-workers to sign it. Our numbers are our power - when the majority of our school employees act together, we represent a major political force. You can also use the print version of this petition and then enter your signatures here. Join our webinar November 11 or contact info@organize2020.org for support!

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Join us Monday, November 18 at 8 pm to plan next steps!

In This Together,

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To: North Carolina General Assembly
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North Carolinians value our public schools. We want to see every student succeed.

We want all schools to have the resources necessary to support the development of all children, including clean and safe classrooms, relevant instructional materials, and appropriately trained and prepared staff who are committed to the school community.

We want all public school employees to receive equitable and sustainable compensation in order to ensure their well-being and their continuity in our schools.
We must address the NCGA’s failure to include public school workers in $15/hr minimum wage provided to all other state employees.

We know that thriving public schools benefit everyone by leading to greater economic growth, healthier and stronger communities, and a demonstrably increased quality of life.

We insist that our whole community has access to health care that allows us to be healthy, active, and alive. When a public school student or family member is unable to afford needed treatments, or dies on the way to a hospital towns away, their learning suffers because they suffer.

We know that we do not have to choose between public schools and closing the healthcare gap. Our state has the resources to provide both.

We call for the revocation of Senate Bill 578 which gives away $1 billion over the next 5 years in corporate tax cuts, and the investment of the resulting $1 billion into public schools and healthcare in these ways:
-A 5% raise for all public school employees including a 5% COLA for retirees
-The expansion of Medicaid to close the healthcare gap for 500,000+ North Carolinians

These funds belong to the people of North Carolina to be used for the common good. There is nothing that will benefit us more than learning and living.