Why is Trump hiding his taxes? Sign the petition demanding that Donald Trump release multiple years of his tax returns.

Donald Trump

For the past 40 years, it has been tradition that presidential nominees of both major parties release multiple years of their tax returns. They do this in part to ensure the public that there are no conflicts of interest.

Donald Trump is refusing to, hiding behind a phony excuse that he can’t until the IRS finishes auditing him.

We demand that—like his predecessors—Donald Trump release multiple years of his tax returns. That way the American people can get the truth about his business dealings, claims of extreme wealth, how he truly makes his money, what tax loopholes he is using to dodge taxes, the tax rate he actually pays—and how his tax plan would benefit him personally.

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​We demand that you release multiple years of your tax returns and level with the American people about your wealth, business dealings, how you truly make your money, the tax loopholes you take advantage of, the tax rate you actually pay and how your tax plan would benefit you personally. What do you have to hide?​