TAKE ACTION: is your water from the West Slope?

Governor Hickenlooper, Colorado Water Conservation Board

Rivers are the lifelines of Colorado’s brand, economy, environment, and lifestyle. Rivers supply essential drinking water. Unfortunately, today our rivers are under strain from high water demands and limited supplies. Colorado’s population is rapidly increasing, topping 5.6 million in 2017. Economic forecasts say that our state’s population could double in 30 years. Our rivers are already overworked providing for current demands, let alone for future growth. They need our help. Can Colorado’s rivers count on you? Show your support for our invaluable rivers by signing below.  

Let Colorado’s decision-makers know you care about a reliable and clean water future for Coloradans and the environment.

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To: Governor Hickenlooper, Colorado Water Conservation Board
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I support reliable clean water supplies for Coloradans and the environment. I know what makes our state so great: our rivers. As Colorado’s population rapidly grows, we cannot meet future water needs by routinely draining rivers - on both sides of the Continental Divide. We can’t jeopardize our drinking water for communities, Colorado’s agricultural heritage, and the wildlife and recreation economy that our rivers support.
As Colorado grows, our limited water supplies must go farther, we must use less and be more efficient with our existing water supply. Colorado’s Water Plan helps show us how. With action and funding, the Plan will move us toward reliable clean water supplies for people, and for the environment. We can’t delay any longer funding implementation of the Water Plan, especially actions that support rivers, agriculture, and water conservation and efficiency.

Healthy rivers are critical for Colorado clean water supplies. The value of Colorado’s rivers reaches everyone. Join us today in working to secure Colorado’s sustainable water future.