Workers at the US Senate Deserve Respect

Stephen T. Ayers, Architect of the Capitol


Workers who feed and clean up after U.S. Senators and their staff have been fighting for better working conditions and a voice on the job.  Recently, The U.S. Department of Labor found that the company we work for, Restaurant Associates, a division of U.K-based Compass Group, has been stealing our wages for at least three years.  Even though the Architect of the Capitol instructed the company to increase our wages in a new contract that went into effect earlier this year, the company continued to underpay workers. In some cases, they even changed our job categories to lower paying positions, even though we continued to do the same job.

Workers deserve respect. During the investigations and contract negotiations, no one asked us workers what we needed or wanted.  Enough is enough.  We are calling on Stephen T. Ayers, the Architect of the Capitol, to recognize the US Capitol Workers Council, so that we can meet regularly to bring up the issues that we as workers are facing, and that we cannot bring up to our employer for fear of retaliation.  

U.S. Capitol workers deserve RESPECT. For us, that means a seat at the table.

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To: Stephen T. Ayers, Architect of the Capitol
From: [Your Name]

the Workers of Good Jobs Nation have faced retaliation, wage theft and other issues under your watch. Even though you intervened to provide some relief for workers during the most recent contract negotiation with Restaurant Associates, the company has not been fulfilling its part of the bargain.

We urge you to recognize the Good Jobs Nation Workers Council and schedule regular meetings with workers so they can inform you of the issues they are facing. Given their track record of retaliation, wage theft and other labor law violations, the company is no longer a viable option for workers to reach out to and present their concerns.

Workers deserve respect at work, and that means a voice on the job and a seat at the table.