ONE/180 Pledge

Students, Parents, Allies, Teachers, Schools

Take the Pledge: A Call to Action for at least ONE LESSON of AAPI History during the next year for ALL students.

**see AAPI History + Culture Teaching Resources here**

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To: Students, Parents, Allies, Teachers, Schools
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Hello and Happy AAPI Heritage Month! Thanks for checking out the One/180 Pledge!

Students, parents, and allies, please consider signing the ONE/180 Pledge if you support having at least one day / one lesson of AAPI History + Culture taught in this coming year. Please also circulate the pledge within your circles, your teachers across all subject areas and schools!

Teachers, school administrators, and educators, please consider signing the ONE/180 Pledge if you pledge to teach at least one lesson of AAPI History + Culture in this next academic year. If you already teach at least one day of AAPI History/Culture, thank you, and please sign the pledge in solidarity!


Asian American History is American History. Yet only a few Asian American Pacific Islander stories are taught in K-12 U.S. schools. With the increasing awareness of the invisibility of Asian American histories, it’s more important now than ever to hear diverse stories.

Why ONE/180? Out of the standard 180 instructional days in the average student's school year, we are asking that at least one of those days be dedicated to AAPI History + Culture.

Because there is no central database on how Asian American history shows up in individual states’ standards and only a few events in Asian American history are generally taught, these moments do not give an accurate picture of the Asian American Pacific Islander experience.

Policy makers are rethinking core U.S. History curricula and we applaud these efforts. Our pledge serves as a symbolic action in support of the movement to re-imagine the way American history is taught. Our pledge serves to inspire youth to ask for at least "one class." Our pledge serves to inspire “one teacher” to teach at least “one class.” These “little” actions can one day mean a lot.

AAPI Youth Rising has created a one-hour introductory lesson about the history of Asians in America that we are offering to teach to students. Please email us at for more information

We believe it is important to teach the rich culture and histories of AAPI so that we can all learn how AAPI have contributed to America’s diversity and successes. When AAPI history and culture are not taught, AAPI are silenced. The invisible minority myth is a misconception that hurts the AAPI community and you can help fight that misconception by teaching your students and sharing AAPI stories. AAPI history is also American history. We believe it is important to teach about AAPI struggles and perspectives to celebrate our voices and to inspire us to act for change.

Remember that everyone signing off on this pledge is making a difference. We hope you will join us in spreading the word. After the ONE/180 campaign launches we will also partner with groups taking localized policy and legislative action.

AAPI Youth Rising is a group of middle-schoolers who seek to amplify youth voices around issues affecting the AAPI community. If you have any questions, please contact us at and see or for more details about the ONE/180 Pledge. Thank you!

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AAPI Youth Rising