XPO, NFI and Universal: Stop Breaking the Law

CEOs of NFI, XPO, Universal, and other trucking companies

Join with port drivers at the Ports of LA and Long Beach to call on trucking companies to provide basic safety protections to ward off Covid-19 including paid sick leave and to put an end to illegal schemes that cheat drivers out of their hard-earned pay.

Trucking companies including NFI Industries, XPO Logistics, and Universal Logistics Holdings are some of the largest port trucking companies and make money off of the sacrifice of port drivers and their families.

We all rely on global supply chains and port drivers for medical supplies, food and other necessities and therefore as consumers we demand that port trucking companies treat their employees fairly and with respect!

To: CEOs of NFI, XPO, Universal, and other trucking companies
From: Michael Eisenscher

Little regard for driver safety including a lack of PPE, hundreds of wage theft claims, misclassification of drivers in order to avoid paying taxes, and utter disrespect is what your business model has been built upon! As customers of Walmart, Target, Amazon, and other companies your company hauls goods for, we are concerned to hear about what is going on in the supply chains of the products that we buy.

We stand behind port drivers and deeply value their critical work. Sadly, they are facing extreme and preventable risks. We call on trucking companies to take immediate action to protect these drivers and to ensure that they and their families are provided with a basic safety net. We are ALL vulnerable when just one of us is vulnerable. This pandemic has shown us that we are all connected.

We join with port drivers in calling on trucking companies to:
• Provide drivers cash assistance right now including access to unemployment and other payments to replace their lost income due to the downturn in cargo volume.
• Provide the minimum of 80 hours of PAID sick leave for any driver that contracts Covid-19 so that they are able to stay home when they are sick and to take care of their families.
• Stop charging drivers for truck costs, insurance, and other fees that should be paid by trucking companies as this business model has been shown to be illegal over and over again.
• Provide drivers with masks, gloves and other personal protective gear in addition to regularly replacing these supplies.
• Provide drivers with cleaning supplies to ensure trucks have been properly sanitized.
• Ensure drivers have access to handwashing stations, hand sanitizer, and clean bathrooms at all port facilities.
• Enforce social distancing in your trucking yards and other areas where drivers congregate.