You Helped Create The Plan, Now Make It So

Governor Hickenlooper


With our population increasing by 100,000+ every year, our water needs to be managed to last through good years and bad – and putting a priority on conservation will do that, but ONLY if there is action behind the Colorado's first-ever water plan. 

The 30,000+ comments submitted about the Plan last year made it clear: healthy rivers are the lifeblood of our outdoor lifestyle, of our economy – of our communities. That’s why the Plan unites us. That’s why we take action.

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To: Governor Hickenlooper
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Dear Governor,

The finalization of Colorado’s first-ever state water plan was a momentous occasion for our state last year. Now let’s start 2016 with the goal of making the implementation of the Plan a highlight of our state’s year again! Don’t let the Plan get derailed – put water conservation on your list of priorities like 77% of Coloradans have (according to the 2016 Colorado College Conservation In The West Poll).