YVR: FIRE MGM Food Services!

Vancouver Airport Authority

Ann John, an immigrant worker at YVR Vancouver Airport, worked for MGM Food Services at an A&W outlet. Ann doesn’t earn a living wage, and she believes that she and her coworkers deserve better pay!

She signed the recent petition calling for a $25 airport living wage. She also encouraged co-workers to sign. Then, her manager held a meeting and asked employees if they had signed the petition. The manager found out Ann had signed. Two weeks later, management told her she was “not a good fit” for the company – after she had worked there for a year and half with no issues at all. Ann was fired with no other explanation.

The only possible reason for firing her is her support for YVR workers’ demand for living wages. This is unacceptable retaliation against a worker for standing up for her rights! MGM Food Services operates two A&W locations at YVR Airport. Help us send a message to YVR: FIRE MGM Food Services!  

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To: Vancouver Airport Authority
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I request the Vancouver Airport Authority ensures Ann is reinstated to her position and takes steps to cut ties with MGM Food Services for its actions.