"Cambridge Analytica" and How to Talk About Politics in America

Start:Saturday, April 14, 2018 9:30 AM

End: Saturday, April 14, 201812:00 PM

Host Contact Info: volunteer@houstonwomensmarch.org


What are the hidden motivations that drive votes and values-based decisions?

How have groups like "Cambridge Analytica" and foreign governments manipulated voters?

In this fast-paced hands-on workshop, we'll alternate between all-group insights and small-group practice as we learn more about how we connect the dots between values and actions, why people we love or respect might vote differently than we do, and how we talk with them about our values.

Hidden Values, "Cambridge Analytica" and How to Talk About Politics in America

  • Connect the dots between values, expressed beliefs and actions
  • Begin conversations with people who express different values
  • Find common ground that begins to open up deeper conversations about the values we share
This workshop is not about developing "zingers" or last words, it's discovering insights into what motivates your friends, colleagues and loved ones, and how to start a conversation and find areas where we can work together for the common good.

Hidden Values and How to Talk About Politics is part of our "one million women" initiative in 2018. Men are welcome to join us!