Ashton Woods

Ashton Woods
Ashton Woods
Houston, Texas

A civil rights activist and defender of the public good, Ashton P. Woods has a dedicated track record of fighting for all of Houston. Getting his start in organizing at the tender age of 15, Ashton has been consistent in his commitment to creating better opportunities for all.

A New Orleans native, Ashton has made his home in Houston since 2005 shortly before Hurricane Katrina. Equity, fairness, and justice are at the center of Ashton’s advocacy and work. He continues to be a strong advocate for the community of people living with HIV/AIDS, as well as speaking out to end rape and sexual assault.

Known for his exemplary activist track record, Ashton has stood in solidarity with the immigrant community and championed against the formation of detention centers in Houston. He has always been a fearless advocate for the LGBTQIA community. In 2016, Ashton was appointed to the City of Houston’s first LGBT advisory board.

Committed to progress and community, Ashton has focused on a range of issues including fighting for the homeless community, advocating for affordable housing, holding law enforcement and public officials accountable to the citizens of Houston, and ending violence against people of color. He is the co-founder and lead organizer for Black Lives Matter Houston. From mobilizing support and working in collaboration with relief organizations after Hurricane Harvey to fighting school privatization, Ashton is present for people when it matters most.

When he isn’t organizing, Ashton acts as Co-chair for the Black Humanist Alliance, a coalition of secular activists under the American Humanist Association. Ashton has been a speaker at numerous High Schools and College Campuses. He is a facilitator and presenter at multiple national convenings, representing Houston wherever he travels.

Time and again, Ashton has shown his leadership and willingness to speak up against injustice. Ashton is a true representative of the people, centering the collective good in all that he does. He is running to be the community presence in the Texas Legislature, ensuring that all Houstonians have the freedom to thrive in all aspects of their lives.

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