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In general, cooperatives can be interpreted as a business entity that is owned and managed by its members. However, there is another understanding of cooperatives according to some experts. One of them is from the Cooperative, Mohammad Hatta. According to him, a cooperative is a joint effort to improve or improve lives or economic conditions based on the principle of helping.

Meanwhile, Arifinal Chaniago defines a cooperative as an association that works together in running a family business to improve the walmart of its members. Management of a cooperative, its members can freely to get in and out of the business entity.

The meaning of cooperatives by Munkner is an organization based on help helping those managing 'business' in groups. The aim is to improve economic affairs, in contrast to the principle of mutual cooperation which aims to build social needs.

Based on Law (Law) Number 25 of 1992 concerning Cooperatives, in Article 1 it is explained that cooperatives are business entities consisting of individuals or cooperative legal entities by basing their activities based on cooperative principles, as well as the people's economic movement on the principle of kinship. While cooperatives are all things that concern the life of cooperatives.

The requirements for applying for an Alfamart cooperative loan are Alfamart employees who have joined Alfamart members for 6 months. If you have not yet joined as a member, please submit a registration through the respective branch office in your area. Here's the flow:

Registering a registration form that can be requested at the cooperative section of the DC branch office

Waiting for the ACC process, if it is already an active member. Wait for up to 6 months to apply for a loan or installment.

During your time as a member you have responsibilities in the form of compulsory contributions, principal contributions, mandatory contributions and voluntary contributions. The basic fee is a fee for new members who must be deposited when the cooperative first enters. Mandatory contributions are contributions paid regularly every month or certain opportunities. Voluntary contributions are voluntary fees paid by member Koperasi Alfamart not paying no problem.

The required minimum contribution is 10,000 to 30% monthly salary. For example a salary of 2 million, then 2,000,000 x30% = 600,000

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