Jennifer Jermaine

Jennifer Jermaine
Jennifer Jermaine
Chandler, Arizona
Hi, I’m Jennifer Jermaine and I’m running for House of Representatives for LD18 so that I can represent you at the State Capitol.  
The world my husband and I have created for our daughter, Melanie, is one where ability and disability does not stop you from pursuing your dreams. Where girls can play with racecars and boys can play with dolls. Where your best friends, have different skin colors, and family includes your chosen members as well as your blood relatives. This kind of acceptance and inclusion that every child should have, and the Arizona I will work to create.  
November 9, 2016, I woke up feeling as if I had lost my purpose. I was a new mother, and wondering how I could find meaning, for myself, and my daughter, in this new political climate.

November 9th is a day that I will never forget.  

November 9th was the day we founded Stronger Together AZ. Our little Facebook group quickly grew to 10,000 Arizona residents and we decided to incorporate as a nonprofit. From that group, we developed the We the People Summit to train 2,500 new activists in the tools and techniques of community organizing.

I am running for LD18 House of Representatives because this office makes the decisions that I care about the most in our community.
This office decides on the funding, that goes to our public schools.

This office decides if Arizona will continue to fund to KidsCare and AHCCCS.

This office decides if and when individuals can use Service Animals in public spaces.
This office decides if Arizona will ever ratify the Equal Rights Amendment and give women full, equal, Constitutional Rights.

The reason I am running is because the children of Arizona, deserve fully funded public schools, our disability community deserves to have access to public spaces, and our residents deserve to be free of harassment and racism as they lead their daily lives.

I am running because each of you deserves an Arizona that is a place of inclusion and opportunity.

I need your help. Please tell your friends and neighbors about me. Please join my campaign, in any capacity that you can, we have a job for everyone, whether it is walking, calling, or bringing food to other campaign members. I promise to do my best and value your time and make it fun. But more than anything, right now, I need your signatures and donations. So, if you want, the Arizona I want, please sign my petition and donate today. Thank you.

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