If you live in Nanaimo and surrounding areas and you agree to our membership declaration, you may sign up to be a member of the Nanaimo Climate Action Hub. There is no membership fee, and you are welcome to participate as much or as little as you choose in our activities and initiatives.

The more members we have, the more we are taken seriously by politicians and other decision-makers, so we hope you will join us! As a member, you will be eligible to vote in our elections and run for our board of directors.

Our mailing list is open to anyone who would like to sign up.

Membership declaration:
- I share the Nanaimo Climate Action Hub’s sense of urgency about the global climate emergency
- I believe we need effective policies and initiatives that will make it possible for all citizens, businesses and organizations including those in the City of Nanaimo and the Nanaimo Regional District to reduce their climate pollution to as close as possible to zero by 2030