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Host Guidelines - Climate Emergency Day 2022

On Friday July 22, we will officially have less than 7 years to act to keep global warming below 1.5°C. Global commitments from government leaders and industry are not on track to meet this deadline. Join people around the world as we acknowledge this profound moment, and recommit to a rapid, bold, and just transition away from fossil fuels. The first official “Climate Emergency Day” is a moment for you to speak out and demand action.

At 12 pm ET NYC, 4 pm Accra, 5 pm London, 12 am Beijing, wherever you are at that moment, join the world in a global moment of silence as the clock ticks over. Climate Scientist James Dyke writes, “Sometimes we only notice a sound when it stops. The time has come to turn off the alarms, to fully wake up, and listen to the silence it creates. This silence is full of possibilities. We cannot wish away decades of slumber. But we can take an unflinching look into our future and now, finally, do the work to shape it."

Gather your community to answer two questions: What is at stake? What am I going to do about it? Then publicly declare your #Climate Resolution to act in this next climate year.

*Note: you don’t need a clock to have a powerful action! You can pull the clock up on your computer, phone, or table with the following link: http://clock.climateclock.world. Use a projector or TV for an even bigger display. And you can always use a regular clock to mark the moment.

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