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Want to supercharge your digital organizing and grow your grassroots supporter base? Our partnerships are extremely affordable and offer you access to all the features in our award-winning online organizing toolset. To find out more about benefits and pricing, read on!

Partner Benefits

While our basic toolset is available to progressives for free, when you become a partner, your organization will gain access to all of our advanced features.

Our basic partnership includes access to:

  • Uploads to enable uploading of spreadsheets of activists to be subscribed to your list
  • Custom page and email wrappers, so you can fully control the branding on your pages and emails
  • Fundraising and ticketed event pages without a tip jar for Action Network
  • Our full-featured API to allow you programmatic access to your data
  • Salesforce sync to automatically sync your data with your Salesforce account
  • Integration with Accurate Append to validate email addresses, append data, and more
  • Integration with ActBlue to raise money online and sync fundraising data
  • Integration with ActionSprout to move data from social media campaigns to your email list
  • Integration with to monitor and engage with your activists on social media
  • Integration with CallHub to phonebank or send SMS text messages to your activists
  • Integration with Catalist to match your list to the voter file and return DWID
  • Integration with VAN to move event RSVPs to your VAN campaign
  • Use of a Zapier zap to push data into Action Network from hundreds of sources.
  • Event campaigns to host events around the country and put them on a shared map

In addition, larger partners with a federated organizing structure may want to upgrade to our Networks partnership, which includes the ability to create a Network and link groups together into a hierarchical structure, sharing data automatically.

And finally, an upgrade to include a SQL mirror iof all your data is available, which enables you to run custom queries, do offline analysis, move data into a data warehouse, build custom dashboards, and more.

You can find out more about these features and the rest of our toolset here.


Our pricing is extremely affordable -- typically half to a third of what for-profit vendors charge -- and plans start at just $10/month!

Your price typically depends on the average total volume of email you send. We're glad to provide you with quotes based on your expected usage, just contact us!

Who's Using Action Network?

We're proud to have partners large and small throughout the movement. Here are just a few of our partners:

AFL-CIO National Education Association United We Dream Malala Fund Equal Rights Washington Daily Kos

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