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Host Guidelines - National Day of Action Against Gun Violence in Schools

On April 20, 2018, the 19 year mark since Columbine, we will stand together in our communities to demand that our elected leaders take meaningful action to stop the violence that is tearing apart our schools and our communities.

Join us by organizing an event at your school, in your workplace, or in your community on April 20 to stand in solidarity across the country and demand action NOW.

Register your event here and help us make it clear that people all across the country demand real action to end the violence.

What are some ideas for actions to organize?
• Organize a march in your community.
• Write and deliver letters to legislators urging them to take action to keep schools safe.
• Encourage schools to host an assembly discussing the issue of gun violence.
• Organize a sit-in or a walk-in with community leaders visiting the school.
• Observe a moment of silence and a reading of the names of victims of gun violence in schools.
• Wear orange (color of the movement) to show solidarity.

Please remember, all actions must be inclusive, respectful, and non-violent.

The shorter and more descriptive, the better.
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